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WWI Crusaders Table of Contents

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Behind the Lines Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Branden Little


Author’s Note

Reader Aids
Map of Europe Before the War
Primary People in the Book

1    A Story Few Have Heard
“There Once Was a Nice Little Town in That Place”

Section 1: August 1914

2    Setting the Stage
Practically Inevitable
Belgium Prepares for Invasion
Belgian Woman Erica Bunge—“We Are Desperate”
Franc-tireurs—“Wholly Against the Laws of War”
Visé—“Vanished from the Map”
Dinant—“The Town Is Gone”
Louvain—“We Shall Make This Place a Desert”

3   Marching into Brussels
A Chance Meeting of a Businessman and an Abbé
Brand Whitlock, U.S. Legation Minister
Huge Gibson, U.S. Legation Secretary

4   London
American Tourists in Harm’s Way
Organized Assistance Stumbles into Existence
Hoover Makes His Move for Dominance

5   Back in America

Section 2: September 1914
Beginnings of Hunger and Retaliation

6   The First Major Battles
E. E. Hunt Looks for a Good Story
Invasion Moves Toward Trench Warfare

7    Antwerp
The City Braces for Attack
Erica Bunge—“The Days Pass and Are Never the Same”
“The People Did Not Smile”

8 Brussels
German Occupation Starts the War of the Wills
Van Doren and de Moor Team Up
Whitlock and Gibson Tackle Neutrality
Belgians Begin Organizing to Stave Off Starvation
Americans in Belgium Get Involved
Searching for Food in Belgium

9   London
A Formidable American Force Emerges
Shaler’s Mission Hits More Roadblocks

10 Coming From America

11  Resistance Is Futile
Burgomaster Max Gets Arrested
“We Shall Never Forgive!”

Section 3: October 1914
Stumbling Toward Organization

12  The Fall of Antwerp
The Bunges and E. E. Hunt

13  The Refugees
American Journalists Join the Refugees

14  Battle of the Yser and the First Battle of Ypres

15  London, October 1–17
Hoover Stimulates Public Opinion

16  Brussels

17  London, October 18–22
Hoover and Francqui Meet Again
Outlining the American Organization

18 Rotterdam
Lucey Begins Building a Transshipping Business

19 London, October 23–31
The Work Starts Having an Impact
Britain Gets Behind Belgian Relief

20 Brussels
Van Doren Gains Another Partner

21 At Oxford

22 Speeding Toward the Belgian Coastal Border

Section 4: November 1914
Coming Together

23 Rotterdam

24 Into Occupied Belgium
“Staring at Our Flotilla As If It Was Some Mirage”
Liège—“We Are now Threatened by Famine”
Refugees Begin Returning Home
Lucey Finds Some Food

25 Brussels
Francqui Begins Building the CN
A Weak CRB Office in Brussels Causes Problems
Where Did the Germans Stand on Relief?
Van Doren Takes Precautions
The German Occupation Gets Tougher

26 London
The British and the CRB
Hoover Comes Out Swinging At Francqui

27 Hoover Fights for U.S. Dominance
Two Major Competitors
“We Must Centralise Efforts”
Shipping Becomes the Key to Preeminence
Hoover Turns to Finding Delegates

28 At Oxford
Perrin Galpin Hears from Hoover
What Would the Students Do in Belgium?
The Possibility of Bad Seeds in the CRB
The First Ten Chosen

29 E. E. Hunt Joins the CRB

30 Brussels
Hoover Decides It’s Time to Visit Brussels
The Bunges—If the Germans Would Only Agree

31 Rotterdam

Section 5: December 1914
Uncertainty Prevails

32 The Students Head Into Belgium
Rotterdam Greeting
Getting Their Assignments
The Second Wave Hits Belgium
Kittredge and Simpson Head for Hasselt
Spaulding and Lowdermilk Land at Chateau de Mariemont
Nelson Walks Into Belgium

33 Antwerp
Hunt Begins Working for the CRB in a “Dead City”
A Trip to a Village Brings Hope

34 Elsewhere in Belgium
Tracking One Shipment Through the Canals
Humor Among the Delegates

35 Brussels
Von Bissing Becomes Governor General
Whitlock’s Take on the Young Delegates
Van Doren Builds His Network
A Young Woman Joins the Cause

36 London
Hoover Fights to Get the Clock Running Again in Belgium
British Opposition to the CRB

37 Brussels
CRB Showdown
The Ultimate Problem Solver
Christmas Under German Occupation

38 Cardinal Mercier’s Christmas Pastoral Letter
Van Doren’s Network Takes On the Pastoral Letter
Two Delegates Smuggle Out the Pastoral Letter

39 Antwerp
E. E. Hunt and Belgian Politics
The Bunges’ Expanding Lives

40 At the Front

41 The Story Continues in 1915, Book Two